Feedback - CarerHelp


Why your feedback matters?

The team behind CarerHelp want to make sure that this website is achieving its goals. Some of those goals are helping carers feel more prepared and capable, improving carers’ wellbeing, and making carers more aware of the services available to support them. Getting feedback helps us understand whether these goals are being met.

This way, we can learn what is or isn’t working in the website. Then, we can keep the good parts and change the parts that aren’t working so well. Hopefully, in the end, this means that carers will find CarerHelp more useful.

Evaluation activities

We use different methods to understand how well the website is working. They include:

  • Looking at statistics about the website to see what information is being used
  • Capturing information about who visited and what they were looking for in some quick questions when users leave the websites
  • Inviting users to send us comments and feedback
  • User and carer surveys as required.

We appreciate hearing your thoughts to help us make the website better.

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