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Why your feedback matters?

The team behind CarerHelp want to check whether this website is achieving its goals. Some of those goals are helping carers feel more prepared and capable, improving carers’ wellbeing, and making carers more aware of the services available to support them. Getting feedback through evaluation is the best way for us to check whether these goals are being met.

By taking formal steps to evaluate the website, we can get specific feedback on key outcomes that match our goals. This way, we can learn what is or isn’t working in the website. Then, we can keep the good parts and change the parts that aren’t working so well. Hopefully, in the end, this means that carers will find CarerHelp more useful.

Evaluation activities

There are multiple ways that we can evaluate how well the website is working. Some of the things we plan to do as part of our evaluation include:

  • Looking at statistics about the website to see what pages are the most popular
  • Sending surveys to health professionals to ask their opinion on the website
  • Sending surveys and conducting interviews with carers to ask what they think of the website.

Would you like to be involved?

We would love to hear from you if you wish to be involved in evaluating CarerHelp. This will involve completing a short online survey to collect feedback on different parts of the website. The following links will take you to more information and the survey. Please click on the link that is most suited to you:

I am a person living with a life limiting illness I am a family carer or friend I am a health professional

We appreciate hearing your thoughts to help us make the website better.