Project Videos- CarerHelp

Project Videos

CarerHelp has been developed by a range of professionals and a National Reference Group. These videos explain how CarerHelp was developed and provides opinions about CarerHelp from members of the National Reference Group and Honourable Dame Quentin Bryce.

Quentin Bryce talks about how she has seen palliative care been put into practice and that CarerHelp is an opportunity to empower carers.

Peter Hudson talks about how CarerHelp can assist Carers in three keyways with Practical information and resources, prepare for the future and provide directions to assist directions.

Deb Parker talks about the resources of CarerHelp and how they may assist the carer and how we plan to further develop the toolkit.

Benjamin Gorrie talks about how CarerHelp improves the health literacy of carers.

Carol Birks talks about CarerHelp provides the information in a variety of different platforms and useful for people living with Motor Neurone Disease.

Tina Thomas discusses the development of CarerHelp and the importance of carers being involved in process.

Daniel Coase explains how CarerHelp can assist those of culturally and linguistic diverse backgrounds.