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CarerHelp Diversity

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The primary aim of the CarerHelp Diversity project (2020-2023) is to ensure that CarerHelp is accessible to diverse groups of Australian family carers including:

  • Carers whose primary language is not English
  • Carers who identify as being from a different cultural group (such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, refugee and migrant groups, or people born overseas)
  • Carers who identify as LGBTIQ+
  • Carers who have poor literacy
  • Carers who are vision or hearing impaired and may require their information in a different format
  • Carers who are unable or unlikely to use the internet for information and may prefer to receive that information through a support person or cultural leader

We want all carers to be able to receive the right information at the right time in the right format. This will help prepare all Australians who are caring for a partner, relative or friend at the end of life.

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