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CarerHelp Project Team

Center for Palliative Care

Centre for Palliative Care

The Centre for Palliative Care is a department of St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne and a Collaborative Centre of The University of Melbourne. It supports research and education about palliative care and leads the project behind CarerHelp. The Centre for Palliative Care is responsible for the content of the website, and its CarerHelp Diversity team includes the following people:

  • Associate Professor Mark Boughey Deputy Director; Centre for Palliative Care and Director of Palliative Medicine, St Vincent's Hospital
  • Kristina Thomas (Senior Research Fellow) PhD
  • Di Saward (Research Nurse/Project Officer) RN, GDipCanPallCar, MN(Res)
  • Alfreda Plazzer (Administration Officer)



CareSearch is a palliative care website based at Flinders University. It aims to provide online access to trustworthy information about palliative care to help all Australians. CareSearch is responsible for building and maintaining the CarerHelp website, as well as marketing for the project. The CarerHelp team from CareSearch consists of:

  • Prof Jennifer Tieman (Director)  BSc(Hons), MBA, PhD, FACHI
  • Eric Yang (Web Systems Manager, CareSearch Group) BSc, MSIT

Carers Australia

Carers Australia

Carers Australia is the peak body for unpaid carers in Australia, with groups in each of the nation’s states and territories. It contributes to CarerHelp by attending the National Reference Group, reviewing website content, and assisting with project promotion.

CarerHelp Diversity National Reference Group

The National Reference Group for the project behind CarerHelp Diversity is comprised of representatives of a range of groups in Australia that support people from diverse groups or support people with advanced diseases and their carers. They have provided us with invaluable feedback during all the stages involved in developing CarerHelp. We gratefully acknowledge the contributions they have made. The following membership list was current in April,2021.

Membership Organisation

Centre for Palliative Care (St Vincent’s Hospital & Collaborative Centre of The University of Melbourne)

  • A/Prof Mark Boughey
    Co-Deputy Director, Centre for Palliative Care & Director of Palliative Medicine , St Vincent's Hospital
    [Palliative care clinician representative with CALD (aboriginal) and/ or regional/ rural experience]
  • Dr Kristina Thomas
    Research Fellow
  • Di Saward
    Research Nurse
  • Alfreda Soetopo
    Administration Officer

CareSearch, Flinders University

  • Prof Jennifer Tieman
    Director, CareSearch, Flinders University

Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet

  • Professor Neil Drew

Carer's Australia

  • Liz Callaghan
    CEO, Carers Australia

Federation of Ethnic Communities' Councils of Australia (FECCA)

  • Daniel Coase
    Senior Policy Advisor

Health Direct

  • Jennifer Brittain
    Partner Manager

National LGBTI Health Alliance

  • Hannah Morgan
    National Palliative Care Project Coordinator

Palliative Care Australia

  • Louise Keightley
    Senior Projects Officer

Centre for Culture Ethnicity and Health

  • Bernice Murphy

Vision Australia

  • Susan Thompson
    Advocacy advisor

Victorian Eastern Metro Regional Palliative Care Consortium

  • Barbara Dobson
    Consortium Manager


Palliative Care Section, Primary Health and Palliative Care Branch, Primary Care Division, Australian Government Department of Health

  • Nicole Fitzgerald
  • Wendy Geoghegan
    Policy Officer