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Carer Voice

Hearing other carers talk about their experiences can help you realise that you are not alone in what you are doing and feeling. These videos cover different issues and parts of the carer journey. You can also watch their whole story by viewing all of their videos.

Jessica describes how she fell into the caring role for her mother.

How caring may impact your life

Jessica talks about the emotional impact of caring for her mother.

Imelda talks about the difficult and positive times of caring for her husband.

Avi describes the practical impacts of providing care at home.

Khang explains how caring is tiring and why self-care is important.

Becoming a carer

Anna speaks about how she has always been a carer for her migrant mother.

Imelda talks about caring for her husband at home and in aged care.

Avi shares how he took on the carer role over time.

Khang talks about providing emotional support and then physical caring for his partner.

Practical aspects of caring

Jessica explains that managing practical aspects of caring requires thought and planning.

Imelda reminds us that caring activities can change over time.

Avi suggests that attending doctor’s appointments is important to get information.

Khang tells us that sorting out practical matters like wills, and guardianship can help you focus on other things.

Caring in the last few days

Jessica says that this was a very intimate and focused time of caring.

Imelda explains that the advance care plan was important in informing care.

Avi discusses his wife’s wishes for organ donation.

Khang talks about caring when his partner was in hospice.

Khang talks about what happened after his partner’s death.

Anna talks about what helped her cope during and after the death of her mother