Health & Wellbeing - Carer Topics

Health & Wellbeing

There are a number of resources available that can help support carers. This includes formal services such as respite care and counselling. Taking care of yourself is also important and should be seen as a vital part of the carer role.

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Carer supports

Head to health (assists with finding digital mental health resources), Head to Health (Australian Government Department of Health)
How can we support carers?, The Alzheimer Society of Ireland
National carer counselling program (pdf, 376kb), Carers Australia
One-moment meditation: "how to meditate in a moment", Martin Boroson

Mental health

Anxiety, Beyond Blue
Exploring ways to look after your mind when you are affected by cancer, Cancer Mind Care
Common emotions at the end of life (pdf, 227kb), CarerHelp Sheet
Managing stress, Central Grampians Palliative Care
Mindfullness App, Smiling Mind
Providing emotional care, Central Grampians Palliative Care
Tips for staying well (pdf, 324kb), CarerHelp
What is depression?, Beyond Blue

Respite and support

Respite and carer wellbeing, Central Grampians Palliative Care
Taking a break, Dementia Australia
Taking a break (respite), Carer Gateway
What is respite care?, Carer Gateway
Using respite care, Dementia Australia

Taking care of yourself

Carer skills, Carer Gateway
Health and wellbeing, Carer Gateway
Looking after yourself (pdf,1.4MB), Palliative Care Victoria
Sleeping well, Beyond Blue
Supporting yourself - carers, Head to Health (Australian Government Department of Health)
Tips for staying well (pdf, 324kb), CarerHelp