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Carer Topics

In this section you can look up information by topic and link to relevant CarerHelp resources as well as link to resources on other trustworthy sites.

An old lady sitting on the wheelchair with her carer next to her

Key topics

Carer Support

There are a range of services and supports available for unpaid carers. They include formal funded services, counselling resources, and information about working and caring.

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Death & Dying

Carers are very important in enabling someone who wishes to die at home to remain at home. Planning for where death will occur is important. There is also information on what to do after the death.

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It can be helpful to have some understanding of diseases and conditions. These websites provide information about a range of diseases and have resources that can help build an understanding of what to expect.

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Finances & Legal

It is important to understand and manage the legal and financial matters associated with end of life. While it can be difficult to talk about these matters, planning will enable better outcomes.

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Grief & Loss

For each person who dies there will be people suffering through bereavement. Most people will cope with their loss and recover from the acuteness of grief. For some people grief and loss is very difficult.

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Health & Wellbeing

There are a number of resources available that can help support carers. This includes formal services such as respite care and counselling. Taking care of yourself is also important and should be seen as a vital part of the carer role.

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Home Care Tips

Carers have many things to think about and tasks to do. These resources outline practical tips to deal with common care needs. They cover practical issues around the physical aspects of caring as well as providing templates and resources for use.

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Population Groups

Australia is a very diverse country and carers have different backgrounds, responsibilities and needs. This section provides links to key resources for different groups.

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These resources address the importance of relationships in the caring context. Illness can lead to changes in behaviours and relationships.

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Services & Information

Making use of services and information can help protect and support carers. The value of unpaid carers to the person and to the community.

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There are a number of symptoms that are commonly experienced by people with palliative care needs. These resources provide practical information on the symptoms and how to support the person.

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