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There is a diversity of LGBTIQ+ life journeys, history, experience, life-course perspectives and end of life experiences of LGBTIQ+ individuals. This means that their carers can have unmet information needs.

Mark shares his experience of caring for his partner Len.

Carerhelp is aware that people who are LGBTIQ+ may have some additional or specific information needs. They may have previously had negative experiences of the health system such as discrimination and may find it hard to access relevant and inclusive information and support.

Carerhelp has a range of information and resources to support people who are caring for someone who is very sick and will not get better. You may be helping to support a partner, family member, or friend. They may only have weeks or months to live, or they may have many years to live, but sadly there is no cure for their illness.

Carerhelp tells you what you need to know to care, where to find help, and how to prepare for what is coming next. There is practical information to read, videos of doctors and nurses that you can listen to, videos of other carers like you talking about their own experiences.

In addition to the resources on CarerHelp, we have put together some resources that people who are LGBTIQ+ may find useful.

Listen to Khang talk about his experience as a LGBTIQ+ carer. More of Khang's stories are available in Carer Voice

Listen to Gage Brewer talks about supporting LGBTIQA+

Listen to Jill talk about caring for her partner, Elizabeth.