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Carers can have different needs and different people providing them with care and support. These resources have been developed by or reviewed by the CarerHelp team.

CarerHelp Knowledge

Carers have many different information needs. This section provides access to information and resources on carer needs and issues.

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CarerHelp Videos

The health professionals outline and discuss the realities of caring for someone coming to the end of life, what to do when someone dies and managing grief and loss.

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Support Worker Resources

Sometimes workers can find themselves caring for someone at the end of life as part of their work role. These resources can help guide you to provide care.

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Carer Voice

Hearing other carers talk about their experiences can help you realise that you are not alone in what you are doing and feeling.

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Carer Kit

CarerHelp has developed an information pack that consists of factsheets and practical pointers for getting started in caring, dealing with advancing illness, and managing grief and bereavement.

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CarerHelp Modules

These easy to read modules provide information on the key topics for each of the caring pathways. They can help you and others in your family to understand what is happening.

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Carer Check

Answering a quick set of questions can help you identify what you feel most concerned about and can point you to helpful resources.

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CarerHelp Forms

CarerHelp have created some simple forms to help you keep track of important information related to caring. You can print these forms and keep information, such as medicines and appointments, up to date.

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COVID-19 for Carers

As a carer, COVID-19 may affect some of your activities. You should talk with your family and service providers to make sure that you have all the support you need.

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