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What to do in an emergency

If you are caring for your partner, relative or friend at home, it is important that you have a plan of what to do in an emergency situation. This doesn’t always mean that you need to ring 000, it may mean that you are not sure what to do or how to handle the situation.

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Some of these situations may include:

  • Being concerned that some of the person’s symptoms (such as pain, agitation) are getting worse and the normal medications are not helping.
  • The person seems very uncomfortable.
  • You are feeling extremely anxious, fearful or overwhelmed.
  • Something unplanned comes up and you have to leave the house and no one else is available to come and be with the person you are caring for.
  • The person you are caring for has a serious fall.

Generally a good plan would be to have the names and phone numbers of the person’s doctor, palliative care team, after hours contact (of the doctor) or nursing service you have been using. It would also have a few family and friends phone numbers (or a neighbour) who could help you in an emergency. You can always call ‘000’ if you are concerned and need assistance in an emergency.