A guide to end of life caring

Caring for someone at the end of life is a very important role. Carers can be family members, friends, colleagues or neighbours. If you are the carer of someone who is approaching death, information can make a difference to you and the person needing care.
CarerHelp provides access to useful and trustworthy information, tools, articles and videos. These resources can help you understand what to expect, improve communication and acknowledge your contribution.
CarerHelp aims to empower you to cope with the hard times as well as you can, and to make space for good times as well. When carers feel ready for their role, everybody benefits.

  • Supporting carers with unique needs
    Caring for someone approaching the end of life is challenging and many
    aren’t prepared for the carer role. Hear what health professionals have to say
    about CarerHelp and the information and resources that this project provides
    to support Australian carers, including those with unique rural and remote needs.
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  • The support you need to be a carer
    Your role as carer is so important. Find reliable and trustworthy
    information, tools, and resources with CarerHelp.
    When carers are ready for their role, everybody benefits.
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  • We’re here for all of Australia’s carers
    We are here to help all groups and communities, including
    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, those who
    speak other languages and LGBTIQ+ communities.
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  • Pathways for end of life caring
    Our pathways help guide you to understand, prepare
    and care for a person at the end of life.
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  • COVID-19 resources for carers
    Information for anyone caring for a person at end of life
    during COVID-19 pandemic
    Find out more about COVID-19 resources for carers

Find your carer pathways

There are five pathways for you to explore when you are caring for someone approaching the end of life. You will find relevant resources, tools and information to help you.

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Carer resources

CarerHelp brings together a range of tools, videos, and information to support carers. All the resources have been checked for quality and usefulness.

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Free information pack

The free information pack consists of factsheets and practical pointers for getting started in caring, dealing with advancing illness, and managing grief and bereavement.

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Carers Australia
CarerHelp is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care