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Support Worker Resources

Mark talking about working with marginalised people.

Who Carerhelp is for?

Carerhelp provides information and resources to assist anyone who is caring for someone who is very sick and will not get better. They may still have months or weeks to live, but sadly there is no cure for their illness. You may find the CarerHelp resources useful for your personal situation or in your professional role.

This section of CarerHelp is specifically for anyone who finds themselves supporting a person as part of their role. You may be a paid carer, support worker, disability worker, aged care worker, Aboriginal health worker, prison officer, religious or community leader, a volunteer, or a health professional.

How can CarerHelp help me?

CarerHelp has easy to understand information on providing care to someone who is at the end of life.

  • You can explore the resources and learn about end of life care.
  • You can use that information to care for someone at the end of life.
  • You can verbally pass that information on to the families you work with (who are caring for someone at the end of life).
  • You can print off relevant resources and give it the families your work with. You can refer families to CareHelp to explore it on their own.

Resources for support workers

It is hard to know what to do if you are supporting someone who is seriously ill and may be dying. Talking to patients and families about death and dying can also be very hard. These resources will assist you to work with people who are at the end of life and with families who are caring for someone at the end of life. We have also developed tips specifically for working with families from diverse backgrounds. including those from diverse backgrounds.

Important points

  • Carers are diverse and have their own culture, language, religion, values, relationships and experiences that will affect how they approach this situation.
  • Carers may have had previous experiences of the health system that were negative.
  • Carers may not understand the health system or what help is available.
  • Carers may or may not have had a previous experience of death.

Training and learning resources

There are external sites that offer training and learning opportunities on relevant areas: