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Caring for yourself at the bedside

It can be very difficult to get time for yourself when you are caring for someone who is nearing death. You may be spending large amount of time just sitting at the bedside with the person. However it is really important that you take time to eat, go to the toilet, rest, sleep (if possible) and get a few moments away from the bedside. You will probably be experiencing a range of emotions and have lots of thoughts on your mind.

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Ways to take care of yourself

Here are a few suggestions to help you care for yourself while you are at the bedside:

  • Close your eyes and listen to some relaxing music
  • Ask for a comfortable chair (if you are not at home)
  • Ask someone else to sit with the person and go out to the garden so you can get some fresh air
  • Ask someone to bring you some food or make you a cup of tea
  • Have a paper and pen to write things down as they come to mind
  • Ask someone to sit with you
  • Read a favourite book.

Remember, it is okay to ask for help from health care staff or from friends and family at this time. People are usually wanting to help you and are just waiting for some guidance from you.