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Pathway 1: When Someone Needs Care

Many people provide regular and ongoing care and help to a partner, relative or friend. This may involve a few hours a week or all day every day, depending on the level of support needed. People often provide care to someone who is older, seriously ill or has a disability.

CarerHelp is designed specifically for carers who are caring for someone approaching the end of life. It provides information and resources for carers whose journey will also include caring for someone who will die. You may not need these resources yet, or you may not need them at all. Caring at the end of life may not be part of your journey.

Your role as a carer is important. All carers make a major contribution to the care and wellbeing of another person. This pathway highlights some general resources that we think will be helpful for all carers.

Imelda talks about becoming a carer for her husband.


Key resources

The resources available below are relevant to this pathway. Most will have a PDF version you can print or save to your device. If you need help now, call the numbers listed under ‘Need help now?’.

Need help now?

Call 000 for emergency services and urgent assistance. If you need to talk, call Lifeline on 13 11 14. Call Carer Gateway Contact Centre for support and services (1800 422 737 Mon to Fri, 8am to 5pm).

Pathway 1 summary

This pathway outlines resources and tools that can be used when caring for someone who is older, seriously ill or who has a disability. (pdf, 345kb)

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Get informed

Carer Gateway is for anyone who is a carer. Carers can be any age and provide many different types of care. Some carers look after another person 24 hours a day and help with daily living, while other carers look after people who are fairly independent but who sometimes need help.

Get everyone involved in providing care

Gather My Crew is a mobile app that helps you coordinate offers of help from friends and family. Developed by clinicians, it is a simple way to get the right help, at the right time and keep everyone updated in one easy to use app.

Everyone is different

All sorts of different people become carers. Some groups of people might have unique needs in their carer role. The Carer Library has information on Population Groups that can help you find specific information that may be useful for your needs.

Take care of yourself

Some carers tend to focus only on the needs of the person they’re caring for. However, taking care of yourself is vital. It helps you to continue to care and to maintain your own life and relationships. Carer Gateway has information on looking after yourself.

If things change

Remember, there are other caring pathways that you may need one day. CarerHelp is here if you ever need support and information when caring includes the possibility of the person dying.

Carer Check

Answering a quick set of questions can help you identify what you feel most concerned about and can point you to helpful resources.

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