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Insights of an Oncology Supportive Care Coordinator

An article written by Margaret McKenzie

  • 14 September 2023
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Insights of an Oncology Supportive Care Coordinator

Marg is a supportive care co-ordinator with the Cancer Council in the Island State of Tasmania.

She talks with patients and carers from across the Island which includes those in the city and those in rural and extremely remote areas of our southern-most state. These discussions often begin from diagnosis right through to end of life care, and continue after the person they have been caring for has died. The CarerHelp team recently caught up with Marg where she shared some thoughts on the website.

How do you use the CarerHelp website?

I have been using the CarerHelp site with my clients for a couple of years now. I find that it is a really useful site to show people where they can access resources that can gently lead them to difficult but important places. It gives them the option to read as much or as little as they would like at any given time.

Do you recall a time where you may have directed a client to a specific part of the website?

Recently, I had a client who was questioning her coping strategies while grieving for her husband who had passed away several months before. I was able to show her the Pathway for “After Caring”. She found the resources useful for her to understand her grief and to know that others have been in a similar situation.

Are there other ways you have used the website?

I often print resources for clients in addition to sending them the website link so they can look through it themselves. This is a great thing about the website – being able to download and print off one or many of the fact sheets. It gives my clients the option to read through the information away from their computers, and they can underline specific things, write notes, and share with other family members.

Another way I have used the website is to introduce my clients to the pathways. It gives me the option to show them a range of resources in the one place. They can then dip in and out of the pathways as there are changes in the situation of the person they are caring for.

If you would like to contact the Cancer Council for support and information please ring –  131120.

The number will take you to your nearest service in each State and Territory of Australia.