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CarerHelp Sheets

These sheets have been developed specifically for CarerHelp. They provide practical information on issues that you are likely to face when caring for someone at the end of life.

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After the death (pdf, 210kb)
Being an LGBTIQA+ Carer (pdf, 2391kb)
Can I trust this information? (pdf, 312kb) COVID-19
CarerHelp Info Pack
Caring for the dying person (pdf, 230kb)
Caring for yourself at the bedside (pdf, 222kb)
Checklist and plan for moving forward (pdf, 299kb)
Common emotions at the end of life (pdf, 227kb)
Contact list (pdf, 605kb)
Emotional care of the seriously ill person (pdf, 432kb)
Financial matters (pdf, 260kb)
Helplines for Carers (pdf, 550kb)
How to access subsidised home care support services through My Aged Care (pdf, 663kb) New
Injections and syringe drivers (pdf, 368kb)
Making use of services (pdf, 432kb)
Managing communications (pdf, 545kb)
Medication template & handling medications (pdf, 748kb)
Question prompt list (pdf, 577kb)
Recognising dying (pdf, 261kb)
Relationships and children (pdf, 516kb)
Responding to a request to die (pdf, 2MB)
Setting up the health care team (pdf, 401kb)
Scheduling timetable (pdf, 567kb)
The important conversations – Making decisions for the person you are caring for (pdf, 939kb) New
Tips for managing common symptoms at end of life (pdf, 150kb)
Tips for staying well (pdf, 324kb)
Tips for visiting – engaging with someone with cognitive decline (pdf, 415kb) New
Tips from carers (pdf, 209kb)
Using telehealth (pdf, 387kb) COVID-19
Visitor timetable (pdf, 656kb)
Ways to be there (pdf, 550kb)
What to do in an emergency (pdf, 288kb)
When grief doesn't go away (pdf, 337kb)