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CarerHelp: Information Pack for Services

Specialist palliative care services and primary care providers work closely with carers of people living with advanced disease. This information kit can be used by services and health and social care professionals as they care for the person and their family. CarerHelp has developed an information pack that consists of factsheets and practical pointers for getting started in caring, dealing with advancing illness, and managing grief and bereavement. CarerHelp understands the difficulties of caring and know that the right information and resources can make a difference to both your wellbeing and the care you provide.


What’s inside

Subpack 1: Getting Started

Subpack one helps new carers plan by featuring common concerns, information on financial assistance, helpline advice and communication tips.

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Subpack 2: When Illness is Advancing

Subpack two addresses all things illness related, including emotional and physical care, signs of death and medication administration.

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Subpack 3: Grief and Bereavement

Life after caring is important, which is why the third subpack addresses grief, how to identify complicated grief, and moving forward.

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This final subpack provides further information on care services and tips for looking after yourself whilst caring.

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