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CarerHelp news: Home care planning resources

  • 23 July 2020
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CarerHelp news: Home care planning resources

Many Australians prefer to stay and be cared for at home when diagnosed with a terminal illness or as they approach end of life. Choosing home as a place of care, however, needs careful consideration to support not only the person at the end of life, but also family carers.

CarerHelp has practical resources to assist family carers in preparing to care for a person at the end of life at home.

The tool Is Caring at Home an Option can help identify what a carer needs to consider if they are finding it hard to decide whether they can provide care at home. Answers from the tool can be used for discussion with health professionals, care team, the person with life-limiting illness, and family members or friends.

A set of factsheets and links to other organisations provide home care tips. These include how to set up a health care team (401kb, pdf), financial matters (260kb, pdf), caring for a dying person (311kb, pdf), assistive equipment, caring at home during COVID-19 (415kb, pdf), and self-care are available. In addition, CarerHelp’s Pathway 2: Caring when death is a possibility offers modules and other information that can help understand what to expect when caring for a person with a terminal condition.

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